Preserve Your Memories - Transfer your old video, film, slides & audio to DVD, CD or digital file.

Video & Film Transfer

You have a stack of old VHS tapes a mile high taking up closet space and slowly becoming unusable. Or maybe some audio cassettes or reel to reel tapes. What about that box of old 8mm films from your Grandmother's garage? What do you do with them all? Well bring those old tapes & film reels down to Pro-Tape, and well transfer them on to High Quality DVD or CD at an affordable price.

What about old broadcast formats? We can do those too!

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All Video Tape Formats Converted To DVD - Priced PER TAPE

VHS / Hi-8 / Mini DV / Beta SP / BetaMax / Umatic 3/4" & More




1 to 3 tapes


4 to 5 tapes


6 to 10 tapes


11 to 19 tapes


20 to 30 tapes


31 to 40 tapes


41 to 49 tapes


50 tapes or more


  • Tapes longer than 2 hours will have a second tape transfer charge for every 2 hours
  • Repair of broken tapes start at $25.00 per tape and up depending on format, and tape condition.
  • Extra copies of your DVD are $4.00 per copy


Video Tape to MP4 or other formats = $30.00 per hour of footage under 5 hours, $25/Hour above 5 hours.

  • Customer can supply flash or hard drive for delivery. We can also provide thumb drives for $24.95
  • Allow at least 15GB of drive space for every 2 hours of video
  • One hour minimum, charged at the quarter hour thereafter


All film transfers have a $69.95 Minimum, and are priced per foot. All files are MP4 H.264 (other formats available w/charge). We clean and prep all film for the best possible transfers, and all film is transferred under the watchful eye of an actual human. There are no cleaning charges, If film is particularly damaged and requires splices/sprocket repairs, they are $3.50 per repair. 

If you provide a blank flash drive/hard drive/thumb drive with adequate space, there is no charge. Some jobs can be quite large. After your job is finished, we will let you know what size of drive to bring, but if you want to bring one when dropping off, a Blank 128GB flash/thumb drive will cover 99% of all jobs.

  • If you would like us to provide a flash/thumb drive, they are available for $24.95
  • If you already have online storage, we can upload to your services free of charge.
  • If going to a video DVD, (2 Hours of running time or less), there is a DVD authoring fee of $24.95.

SD (720x480p)

1 ft. - 1000ft.      =    $0.42 per foot
1000 ft. - 2500 ft. =  $0.39 per foot
2500 ft. - 5000 ft. =  $0.36 per foot
5000 ft. and up  =   $0.33 per foot

HD (1920x1080p)

1 ft. - 1000ft.       =  $0.57 per foot
1000 ft. - 2500 ft. =  $0.54 per foot
2500 ft. - 5000 ft. =  $0.51 per foot
5000 ft. and up   =  $0.48 per foot

2K (3840x2160p)

1 ft. - 1000ft.       =    $0.67 per foot
1000 ft. - 2500 ft.  =  $0.64 per foot
2500 ft. - 5000 ft.  =  $0.61 per foot
5000 ft. and up    =   $0.48 per foot


Auto start, no menu DVD = $25.00


DVD ripped to MP4  = $15.00
  • Other formats may cost extra
  • Customer must supply drive for delivery

Turnaround Time

Turnaround times vary. Video tapes transfers are all done in real time. We do each job in the order in which they are recieved. Therefore, your turnaround time will depend upon:

1. The number of jobs before yours.
2. The duration of the tapes before your job (20 two hour videos tapes = 40 hours of transfer time!)

We will provide you with our best estimate at the time you drop off. But please understand, this is only an estimate. If you need your transfers by a certain date please let us know at the time of drop off. We will work with you as best we can to meet your needs.

Smaller jobs of 1 or 2 tapes can often be completed quickly.

Out Of Town/State Orders:

We accept out of town orders! Call us at (512) 443-3911 for all the details. Upon completion your order will be shipped to you via UPS.

Questions? Call us at (512) 443-3911 or email